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iCare Benefits’ major focuses are companies and consumers. At each stage of their development, iCare Benefits will shift its focus to different segments.


  • Improve supplier performance
  • Foster market-based solutions to meet worker demands
  • Enhance brand reputation


  • Access to essential products at competitive prices Interest-free payments Increase purchasing power by 1-2 months
  • Heighten quality of life and well-being Stop informal, risky borrowing

Factories Management

  • Raise retention
  • Lower cost of turnover
  • Enrich engagement and communication with workers

How it works

The iCare Benefits model is very simple. It is the platform that bridges manufacturers, social organizations, banks, and service providers to address workers at the bottom of the economic pyramid.


Brands and buyers introduce iCare to suppliers.


Suppliers sign a cooperation agreement to become partners and deploy iCare to workers.


All workers with one year experience with their employee are eligible to sign up for iCare.